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How to increase sales with Go Online and Social Media

28 April 2021

Flour-based Small and Medium Enterprises, were again invited to the Sriboga UKM Hangouts event which was held on Wednesday, April 28, 2021 through Zoom. Where the invitees first registered through

This event begins with a discussion with guest stars from digital SME entrepreneurs, between Mr. Rama Sahid, owner of Mie Mie Brownie Tegal and Erwyn from Sriboga Flour Mill. Where, the talk discusses how to increase online sales through social media. Mr. Rama Sahid said that it is important to plan content for social media that is not directly related to sales. Because, it will make social media followers bored. Using useful topics such as tips, tricks, and insights will quickly gather a large number of additional followers to monitor our social media content. If the community has been collected, then it's time for us to make occasional sales through information on social media.


Besides talking with Mr. Rama Sahid. Sriboga UKM Hangouts featured Chef Vidya Listyanova from Sriboga Customer Center Bandung. For 30 minutes, he gave recipes for making pastries using Ninja Flour. These recipes include Cookies Dessert in Jar, Chery Marchino Cookies that appear in pink, and Rocher Ice Cookies. This recipe provides inspiration for business people who come to sell or serve as snacks for the Eid al-Fitr, which is due in May 2021. The recipe is also shared through the website www.

For more details, the event can be accessed via the Baking Inspiration Youtube Channel: