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Preparing a Culinary Business During Ramadan

12 September 2019

For Muslims, Ramadan is an important moment to improve themselves and increase their worship before welcoming Eid. However, it is common knowledge, Ramadan also brings blessings to some people through the culinary business, especially snacks for breaking the fast (ta'jil).

To facilitate people who want to start a Ramadhan culinary business, Kompas Daily together with Sriboga Flour Mill held a cooking class for Ramadan culinary cooking, Saturday (20/5), at the Gourmet House, Jalan Gajah Mada 131, Semarang. The menus taught are rolled nastar, cheese roll, choco lava cake, and black burger chicken katsu.

"We chose a different menu but still worth selling so that participants are not trapped in producing Ramadhan snacks that are already on the market and price wars with producers that already exist," said Business Representative Manager of Kompas Daily Dwi Parlina Muktikawati.

A total of 100 participants participated in this event. They were divided into groups of five, and each team had the opportunity to practice directly making one of the menus. Before practice, the professional chefs from the Gourmet House demonstrated how to make recipes, as well as providing tips for making the right dough.

One of the participants, Yoana, was satisfied to join the event. This woman who likes cooking deliberately participated in this event to prepare her to start a culinary business during Ramadan. “The menus taught are in accordance with my plans for the culinary business later. The program is also interesting, exciting, we get knowledge, the chef is okay, and actually, it could be more exciting if the duration is longer, "he said.


Apart from cooking classes, a talk show was also held with Fenny Wijanarko, the founder of the account @AkuCintaMakananSemarang. To the participants, Fenny shared her knowledge in promoting a food menu to the public through Instagram social media. Fenny also provides tips on taking food photos that will make anyone hungry.

"Because on Instagram, we can only sell pictures, not flavors. So, as much as possible, the resulting photo excites anyone who sees it. The method is, among others, by means of solar lighting, interesting artistry, and the right angle, "said Fenny.

Fenny also appealed to participants who are interested in starting a culinary business to start actively using social media, especially Instagram. So, the product can be quickly recognized by people and easy for consumers to find.

"Because now is the era of social media. Promotion through social media is very effective in promoting our sales. So if you want to sell well, at least you have to have an Instagram account, ”he suggested.

Ninja flour

On the same occasion, Sriboga Flour Mill introduced its newest super-premium product called Ninja. According to the Promotion Head of Sriboga Flour Mill, Robert Erwyn, this low protein flour is Sriboga's latest breakthrough in producing quality flour equivalent to imported products, but at a much cheaper price because the raw materials come from within the country.

The presence of Ninja flour completes the list of Sriboga's existing super-premium products, namely Hime which is suitable for making soft Japanese-style bread, and Double Zero for making various European breads such as pastries, danish, croissants. “Ninja itself is suitable for making cakes and cookies. The result is a soft, fluffy cake and a crunchy cookie. "

In the atmosphere of Sriboga's 19th birthday on May 15, 2017, Sriboga presented a giant birthday cake made of Ninja flour. After being decorated, the cakes were distributed to the participants to be tasted at once so that the participants could see the quality of the cakes produced from the Ninja flour dough.