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Sharing MSME Business - UNISNU JEPARA

29 September 2023

PT Sriboga Flour Mill collaborates with LPPM of the Islamic University of Nahdlatul Ulama Jepara (UNISNU) hold a seminar and Baking Demo event entitled "Sharing MSME Business" on September 26, 2023. Located in the Auditorium Library 3rd floor of UNISNU JEPARA. This event was attended by 150 MSMES.

This activity is one of PT Sriboga Flour Mill's Commitments through the MSME Empowerment Division establishing partnerships with agencies and institutions, both from the government and the private sector in providing education and empowerment to MSME partners. provide education and empowerment to MSME partners, so that they are able to improve their knowledge and skills in developing their business, both and skills in developing their business, both in terms of product innovation, business management,

Marketing management and other skills.


Jepara Nahdlatul Ulama Islamic University (UNISNU) is an educational institution that has a vision to become a superior and dignified research university with a mission to practice the Tridharma of Higher Education, develop existing potential and create an effective information system and apply innovation and science for the benefit of society. This collaboration is a synergy between PT. Sriboga Flour Mill and LPPM UNISNU in carrying out joint commitments in the MSME empowerment program and community service programs.

Present at this event, PT SRIBOGA FLOUR MILL, Mrs. Rike Sundari, S.Si, MBA as GM Commercial, Maria Wuri Handayani as Marketing manager and Ahmad Mukholil as Head of SME Empowerment and team. Meanwhile, UNISNU was attended by Dr. H. Sa'dullah Assa'idi, M.Ag. as Rector of UNISNU, Dr. Sisno Riyoko, M.M. as Head of LPPM Unisnu, and his staff. This seminar presented 2 speakers. Namely Aan Zainul Anwar, S.H.I., M.E.Sy, Deputy Dean of Field III

Faculty of Economics and Business UNISNU who also serves as Chairperson of the UNISNU Halal Center which carries the theme "The Importance of Halal Certification for MSMEs", then Irfan Wahyudi who is an MSME Activist, Owner of Bakpia 701, and Director of PT UDSR gave a presentation on "Customer Management Techniques, to Increase Business Profits". Not only seminars, to complete the excitement of this event, Chef Dessy from Sriboga gave her best performance in a baking demo with innovative recipes and sharing tips , innovative recipes and sharing tips and tricks with all participants, the majority of whom are flour-based MSME players.